Find True Psychological Freedom
(without rules, techniques or nonsense)

Freedom to live your life with less stress.
Freedom to spend your time on what matters to you.
Freedom to thrive, whatever the circumstances.

This is what I teach my clients, and it is available to you, too.

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"These Principles are the foundations for a step change in the fields of personal development and psychology. This is an evolution from the outdated mantras of Positive Thinking, to a clearer, more relevant way of seeing the world ."  

Sara Priestley

 Living Life Sideways 

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"I was going through a tough time of my life and I came to Sara. It’s been two months now and I'm surprised how much I have changed. I was able to go from a dark place of constant anxiety and fear to a place where I feel peace and joy. A huge part of this shift is because of Sara’s confidence and determination that I can go back to that place."



This might be you...


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    You've experienced stress and are looking for an easier way to manage it.
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    Life is fantastic, and you want to understand more, to achieve even more.
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    You are looking for a coach or mentor.
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    Life is tough right now, and you'd like some support.
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    You want to look deeper into the Principles behind the "Inside-Out" paradigm.
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"Sara is a very grounded, heartfelt and insightful teacher of the principles paradigm.

She volunteers her time and is very charitable with her skills. 

She genuinely practices what she teaches!"

Rudi Kennard​​​​

Director, Innate Wellbeing  & Three Principles Movies

What Living Life Sideways Offers You

  • Coaching without boundaries - working online to meet you where you are. I don't apply a set of techniques, or try to make you fit in a standard box. Instead I introduce you to the Principles of human psychology. Together we look at how they show up in your life and what that means for you.
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  • Whatever matters to you, interests me. My coaching is about supporting you in clear, uncluttered decision making. I help you to identify the roadblocks to your success. Then show you how to look at them sideways, for a completely new perspective.
Changing "Can't" to "Can"
  • These Principles provide a clear and definitive paradigm for human psychology. Understanding the true nature of the human psyche is a direct route to a clearer mind and a naturally lighter, more creative, more effective way of being.
Cheering on Mountain Top
  • Work within this "Inside-Out" paradigm has helped businesses, communities, sports teams, schools, prisons and individuals. People all over the world have found their route to a less stressful, more successful, life - for more than 40 years.
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Sydney Banks

"Life is like any other contact sport. You may encounter hardships of one sort or another. Wise people find happiness not in the absence of such hardships, but in their ability to understand them when they occur."  

Sydney Banks

Founder of the Principles Understanding


"Sara has such a calm, sincere, caring and grounded approach. I would not hesitate in recommending Sara as a mentor or coach to anyone wanting to gain insight or assistance in their life."

Joanne Lang




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    Services are fully customised to meet your needs - pricing is for guidance only.
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    Coaching can be online or in-person - location is no issue. 
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    In-depth support is via a messenger app, at any time.
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    All coaching packages can be adjusted to suit an individual, couple, family or team.
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    Apply now to book an initial consultation - no obligation.


  • Workshops for teams
  • Individual coaching
  • Ongoing, in-depth support

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  • Intensive or weekly
  • Ongoing, in-depth support
  • Third month free




  • 90 minute conversation
  • Book as you need
  • No further commitment



"Sara is well versed in the Principles understanding. Her rich experience has helped me a lot in this journey. I recommend Sara because she is a genuine facilitator who truly cares about you and your process."



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Why ‘Living Life Sideways’?

On the old movie sets, buildings were often no more than facades with scaffolding behind. On screen it all looked very real, but behind the scenes it was obvious exactly how the illusion was created. When you look sideways at it, you can still see the facade, but now you know what’s really happening too. Life’s a bit like that. So much of what seems real to us is nothing more than a thought construct. When we look to how our experience is created, it becomes a lot easier to see things as they truly are. 

Living Life Sideways gives you a fresh perspective.

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