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Person on ladder reaching for the clouds

Start With Experience

Experience isn’t telling you about a material world. Experience isn’t telling you what sort of thinking you have. Experience isn’t telling you about your state of mind…

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Silhouette of a woman in the woods

For All of You

For all of you hurting, grieving or feeling lost.
For all of you who are angry, with a point to prove.
For all of you seeking the key to life’s problems.
For all of you climbing the ladder to reach the stars.

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Neon sign "and breathe"

Thought Is Not A Problem

Thought is not a problem. Thought has never been a problem.

Of course there’s thought. It’s what brings sensation, perception, reminiscence and imagination.

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A Meditation on Awareness

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Sara Priestley

Hi I'm Sara

Sara is an inside-in, or non-dual, teacher. She works with individuals and groups to point them to a clearer understanding of our true nature.

Her first book, quintessence: the poetry of true nature, is currently in production with Greenleaf Books.

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