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A metaphor, model, image, or story can be useful for breaking down an old misunderstanding. But every metaphor, model, image or story will need itself to be broken down when the initial clarity or freedom it brought is outweighed by its inherent limitation.

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It is brilliant that you saw something differently, that you did something differently, and that your life changed. But if you are now going to share that something as a way to change other lives, go canny.

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thinking too much?

I was taught, and maybe you were too, that unhelpful thinking can be ignored, if I understood the power of Thought to create my experience.

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A Meditation on Awareness

These meditations are recorded weekly, and are available to subscribers. For more information see the Awareness Meditation page.

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Sara Priestley


Sara is an inside-in, or non-dual, teacher. She works with individuals and groups to point them to a clearer understanding of our true nature.

Her first book, quintessence: the poetry of true nature, published by River Grove, is now available from Amazon.

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