Who I Am
Who I Am

My name is Sara Priestley. I help clients get back in touch with their own built-in resilience and wisdom. The natural outcome of this is a growing ease and connection in life.

I’d spent so many years believing I needed to be mended. Now I know I’d simply lost sight of how my deep common sense can guide me through even the most difficult of circumstances. We all have access to this self-guidance system.

Once I’d seen for myself how there is only one way life works, I knew I had to share this with other people too.

What I Do
What I Do

Most of my work is through conversation, either in occasional meetings or a more structured package, depending on how it seems I can best serve you.

Initially, we’ll just have a free chat. I’ll find out a bit more about you; you’ll get a taste of how I work. At the end of that session we’ll agree between us how to take it forward.

I work with individuals and couples, and provide workshops for small groups.

Meetings can be in person from my office, at your workplace or via Skype/Zoom online.

Why "Living Life Sideways"

On the old movie sets, buildings were often no more than facades with scaffolding behind. On screen it all looked very real, but behind the scenes it was obvious exactly how the illusion was created.

When you look sideways at it, you can still see the facade, but now you know what’s really happening too.

Life’s a bit like that. So much of what seems real to us is nothing more than a thought construct. When we look to how our experience is created, it becomes a lot easier to see things as they truly are.

(Image Credit: Martijn.Munneke)

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