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Sara Priestley

  • I point my clients towards a clearer understanding of the source of experience, resilience and success. I provide support, cheerleading and gentle nudges in the right direction. I’m a qualified Innate Wellbeing Principles Facilitator, which means I’m trained in a logical and sensible paradigm of human psychology.
innate Wellbeing Principles Facilitator
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What Living Life Sideways Offers You

  • Coaching without boundaries - working online to meet you where you are. I don't apply a set of techniques, or try to make you fit in a standard box. Instead I introduce you to the Principles of human psychology. Together we look at how they show up in your life and what that means for you.
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  • Whatever matters to you, interests me. My coaching is about supporting you in clear, uncluttered decision making. I help you to identify the roadblocks to your success. Then show you how to look at them sideways, for a completely new perspective.
Changing "Can't" to "Can"
  • These Principles provide a clear and definitive paradigm for human psychology. Understanding the true nature of the human psyche is a direct route to a clearer mind and a naturally lighter, more creative, more effective way of being.
Cheering on Mountain Top
  • Work within this "Inside-Out" paradigm has helped businesses, communities, sports teams, schools, prisons and individuals. People all over the world have found their route to a less stressful, more successful, life - for more than 40 years.
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Sydney Banks

"Life is like and other contact sport. You may encounter hardships of one sort or another. Wise people find happiness not in the absence of such hardships, but in their ability to understand them when they occur."  

Sydney Banks

Founder of the Principles Understanding

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