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  • "Sara has such a calm, sincere, caring and grounded approach. As a mentor, she has guided me further in my 3 Principles understanding; always pointing me in the right direction when my 'thoughts get sticky'. I would not hesitate in recommending Sara as a mentor or coach to anyone wanting to gain insight or assistance in their life."

    Joanne Lang
  • "Sara is a joy to work with. She is a deep listener, and this, coupled with her secure grounding and understanding of the nature of experience make her a very impactful facilitator. She has the ability to bring simplicity to any problem. I highly recommend working with her."

  • "I was going through a tough time of my life and I came to the Three Principles and Sara. It’s been two months since I first talked with Sara and I'm surprised how much I have changed under Sara’s facilitation. I was able to go from a dark place of constant anxiety and fear to a place where I feel peace and joy (which is always there, by the way). A huge part of this shift is because of Sara’s confidence and determination that I can go back to that place."

  • Sara is well versed in the Principles’ understanding. Her rich experience has helped me a lot in this journey. I recommend Sara because she is a genuine facilitator who truly cares about you and your process.

  • Sara is a very grounded, heartfelt and insightful teacher of the three principles paradigm. She volunteers her time and is very charitable with her skills, she genuinely practices what she teaches!

    Rudi Kennard Innate Wellbeing / Kennard Consulting


Coaching without boundaries. No gimmicks, no homework, no template. A new understanding that lets you get on with life.

My name is Sara Priestley. I help clients find the roadblocks that get in the way of their natural clarity of mind. Then we look at them sideways, for a completely new perspective. The outcome of this is a renewed focus and energy for life.

I simply point people back to their innate self-guidance system, providing support, insight and encouragement. There are no techniques to learn or practices to follow – meaning you get to spend time living life your way.

I’m an Innate Wellbeing Facilitator, which means I’m trained in a logical and sensible paradigm of human psychology. My emphasis is on a clear understanding of the source of experience and resilience.

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Sara Priestley


This approach was first taught by Sydney Banks, and in 40 years has spread to prisons, communities, schools and businesses. The impact of the teaching is remarkable, yet simple enough to explain to anyone. Check out the Three Principles Movies site for many of the stories..


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