Abundance and Lack

Rainbows and waterfall

Most of us, in one moment or another, find our thoughts turn to something we want, that we don't have. A friendship. Food on the table. Money. Physical health. A thriving business. To publish a book. The perfect lover. It might be a fleeting sense of lack, or a backdrop to our days.

We've been conditioned to a sense of lack. To needing. To striving. To achieving. To wanting - power, recognition, money, possessions, sex, drugs. It will absolutely appear that the thing we lack is vital to our well-being.

From that sense of lack or need it's normal that we look to the the world for answers. For something in the world to change for us to be okay. Yet the search is endless. We know that thrill seekers want ever more extreme challenges, that drug takers keep going for a higher dose to get the same kick, that there's always another step on the ladder, that a lottery winner ends up no happier than someone who breaks their neck.

When we sense we lack, it naturally invites activity to close the perceived gap. We act from fear of loss, fear of not achieving, fear of not being enough, fear of letting someone down, fear of being left behind. Have you ever felt like a hamster in its wheel, spinning ever faster, your legs moving quicker and quicker just to keep up with yourself, but getting nowhere, fast?

Consider, for a moment, what the sense of lack is, beyond its object. The sense of lack is a feeling of missing joy, peace, love, freedom, abundance. Yet an individual can never achieve these things. Sure, there may be brief experiences of relief in the chase, but there is always more chasing.

Why can an individual never achieve joy, peace, love, freedom, abundance? Because the sense of lack is the feeling of separation from joy, peace, love, freedom, abundance. Even more simply, the sense of lack is a feeling of separation from ourselves, from our true nature. And an individual is formed of that sense of lack.

Our shared true nature is joy, peace, love, freedom, abundance. And we know this. It echoes in us and the world. In misunderstanding of this is the feeling of separation and the sense of lack. The person who feels lack is made of exactly the same stuff as the thing they are lacking. There is no separation. Nothing to acquire. No distance to cover. Nothing to chase.

In the recognition of our shared true nature - in joy, peace, love, freedom, abundance - 
there is no lack. The chase stops here.

With Love,

: Sara

Sara is an Inside-Out coach, supporting you through the ebbs and flows of life.

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