I Am Free

Everyone has an inkling in the back of the mind: “I am free. I’m not separate. I am love.”

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Pure Knowing

A poem from my upcoming book, quintessence: the poetry of true nature, due for publication on 2nd April 2019.

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There is a Time for Silence

We’ve all faced moments when nothing helps. No old strategies you can rely on. No distraction technique. No happy place to visit. No bright side to look at. No kind words to be heard. Nothing left to say. Nowhere left to run.

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At a time when many are pondering New Year’s resolutions, it’s worth looking at what ‘resolution’ means.

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Beyond The Personal

“So, Sara,” I was asked this week, “don’t you get scared, sharing the things you write?” From a personal perspective, that looks like a really important question. Before we go beyond the personal, let’s look at the personal perspective:

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Stay With Me

This understanding I share, it’s not usually a one sentence conversation. Of course, it could be. But not usually. Stay with me.

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