Follow Your Heart

If you’ve followed my writing for a while, this title might surprise you. I’m normally talking about Awareness, or not being a body-mind, or some such. And, at first glance, “follow your heart” sounds a bit new age positive thinking for me. The opposite of my normal posts, even. But it’s not. And here’s why:

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The Seen, The Seeing and The Seer

“I know I’ve got a body, because I can see my fingers moving.”

“You can’t tell me that pillar doesn’t exist, I can see it, it looks solid.”

You may have been taught that 100% of experience is coming from your thinking. Or you may have been told there are no things, no body. So why do the fingers and the pillar look real?

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Do Nothing

You might have heard “do nothing”, or “there’s nothing to be done”. And, indeed, there is no step from you to You. No intermediary, no technique, no process. To glimpse true nature is as gentle as the pause at the end of an in-breath. But yet . . .

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Where Did it All Go Wrong?

Where did it all go wrong? You’re rolling along nicely, then the wheels come right off the bus. An illness, a redundancy, a business collapse, a bereavement, the end of a relationship, a crisis.

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Finding a Work-Life Balance

Social media is stuffed to the gunnels with offers of the perfect way to find a better work-life balance. Sales funnels, coaching diplomas, passive income, selling online, slow cookers, mindfulness app, tick lists, techniques. Nothing wrong with any of them. Except they can never deliver. Why not?

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Start With Experience

Experience isn’t telling you about a material world. Experience isn’t telling you what sort of thinking you have. Experience isn’t telling you about your state of mind…

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For All of You

For all of you hurting, grieving or feeling lost.
For all of you who are angry, with a point to prove.
For all of you seeking the key to life’s problems.
For all of you climbing the ladder to reach the stars.

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Thought Is Not A Problem

Thought is not a problem. Thought has never been a problem.

Of course there’s thought. It’s what brings sensation, perception, reminiscence and imagination.

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Loneliness. Such a feeling of empty longing. A deep ache. Such a draw to blame it on all kinds of causes: social media, a house move, demands of health, family or work. On things that can’t be changed, so you’re stuck. Such a temptation to fill it with something, anything.

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