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Neither Apart Nor A Part

Photo of mountains, against mountains

Have you ever been in a gossipy conversation? Or one where you all get to laugh at someone else’s failings? I admit, I have. It can feel pretty righteous at the time, even if it feels icky in the quiet of the night.

Thing is, most of us, at least at times, feel apart. Separated from everyone else.

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Abundance and Lack

Rainbows and waterfall

Most of us, in one moment or another, find our thoughts turn to something we want, that we don’t have. A friendship. Food on the table. Money. Physical health. A thriving business. To publish a book. The perfect lover. It might be a fleeting sense of lack, or a backdrop to our days.

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Effort and Excellence

Wheelchair racer

Life can feel hard at times. Problems to overcome or goals to achieve. Our upbringing, our education, our culture, even our common sense, all suggest that we need to work hard, that excellence is built on effort.

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Who Am I?

Sea view from rocky cliff top

This is not a gentle article. I’m going to suggest things you might think are a denial of a self you are secretly attached to. Bear with me, it takes us to a Self of pure Love.

“Outside of this thought, who am I?”

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Whose Thinking?

Clouds in the Sky

I’ve often heard it said, “I’m living in the feeling of my thinking moment to moment”. I tried it myself for a couple of weeks, and it never sounded true. Here’s why:

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