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What Goes Wrong With Team Building Training


You’ve probably been there, I certainly have. Another interminable team building event: someone trying to make chalk and cheese become best friends, by rehashing every single thing they disagree about, interspersed with “games” that only serve to highlight their differences. Here’s what is going wrong…

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Driven to Tears?

Country road seen through rainy windscreen

Have you ever been driven to tears of frustration, talking to someone who simply isn’t hearing you? So annoyed by poor customer service that you can hardly speak?

Me too!

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Putting Your Great Ideas into Practice

Planning with notebook, coffee and croissant

Do you have loads of wonderful, creative ideas, but struggle to see them through into reality?

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In a Nutshell

Nuts in shells

I’m a bit wordy. Sometimes I go on a bit, or distract myself. This week then, the simplest of truths:

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11 Things You Need To Do?

Writing a list

An article appeared on my timeline today. It provided a list of 11 things to bear in mind when helping a person in distress. It’s packed full of good ideas, and very well intentioned. You might well find yourself nodding and agreeing with its 11 points…

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“We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

Starry Sky

If you aren’t sure what this has to do with you, and the things that bother or inspire you, bear with me. I think it will come back together at the end.

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Reflections of mountains in lake.

I’m away on retreat, so here’s just a poem that I love.

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Push or Pull

Woman opening

I’ve just watched a man at the petrol station try to push open a door marked “pull”. After the first failure, he stepped back, scowled and pushed again, harder.

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A sea of people. The noise of 400 Pilates teachers trying to squeeze a year of catching up into two days. The heat from 400 bodies straight out of morning class.

This is what greeted me coming down the stairs at break time. For someone with a preference for peace it felt overwhelming.

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I’ve been sacked by one of my best clients… for the excellent reason that he doesn’t have the issues he had when he first came to talk to me.

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