Effort and Excellence

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Life can feel hard at times. Problems to overcome or goals to achieve. Our upbringing, our education, our culture, even our common sense, all suggest that we need to work hard, that excellence is built on effort.

What if that were never the case? What if effort or striving were never in our best interests?

Here's why.

Human experience naturally shifts between the personal and the impersonal. Between effort and ease. Between separateness and wholeness. (And before we go further, both are normal.) We all know this, have experienced this.

From a personal, separate viewpoint, problems and goals can be described simply as things we want to get away from, or things we want to move towards. Movement, and therefore effort, needed to achieve excellence.

From the impersonal, whole viewpoint, there is nothing to escape and nothing to chase. No distance to cover to achieve excellence.

Of course, that raises the question of how to shift from effort to excellence. If you're still with me, you might have an inkling of the answer - that shift can't be achieved through more effort. It's natural for this personal, separate self to try, though. Through exhaustion, apathy or realisation, there comes a point where that effort ceases. And the impersonal, whole excellence we always were takes centre stage. Have you ever had a time when you've worked and worked and worked, getting nowhere, then given up, only to find a simple solution comes from out of the blue? That's just one example of this.

Excellence comes to us, in the absence of the personal, because excellence is our true nature. Every single thing we do to try and get there quicker, impedes that natural flow - from personal and effort to impersonal and excellence.

It's going to flow the other way too, at times. From the impersonal to the personal. (That's normal too.) In the increasing knowing of this fact, it becomes less logical to act on the urge towards striving and effort. And this allows the natural return to the impersonal to follow.

As a coach, I have two jobs. To not add anything that gets in the way of this natural flow. And to point resolutely to your true nature, where excellence comes as standard.

With Love,

: Sara

Sara is an Inside-Out coach, supporting you through the ebbs and flows of life.

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