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Join the Heart & Mind Meetups group on Facebook for access to weekly virtual support sessions, online conversation and in-person gatherings. There is no membership fee and no commitment. Join the community and see where it takes you.

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  • The virtual meetups are for ongoing support, cheering and gentle redirection, all within a Three Principles framework. Bring your challenges, insights, or simply your heart and mind. Join the Facebook Group for details.
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...In-Person Meetups...

  • Just new: a listing of local meetups. (A small fee may apply for some, please check the details.) If you host a regular, local, Three Principles meetup, please let me know...
coffe morning
Walking and talking in the countryside in and around the village of Goffs Oak. Finding a freedom from circumstances by seeing deeper into how life works.
Tandem - Leeds A fortnightly exploration of the human experience and opportunity to gain more peace of mind, inspiration and friends. Every other Wednesday.

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