Neither Apart Nor A Part

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Have you ever been in a gossipy conversation? Or one where you all get to laugh at someone else's failings? I admit, I have. It can feel pretty righteous at the time, even if it feels icky in the quiet of the night.

Thing is, most of us, at least at times, feel apart. Separated from everyone else. The person who is desperate for a baby sees pregnant people everywhere. The person seeking romance sees loved up couples everywhere. The person who feels a failure sees successful, happy people everywhere. Separate. Lonely. Suffering.

And if someone comes along and suggests that even circumstances, other people, the past or the future can't influence our feelings - well sometimes that's a relief, but other times it might lead to feeling more separate, more apart. It looks logical then, to seek out things we can be a part of: A group of people we can gossip and laugh with. Nature, where we commune with the trees or dogs, because people seem so much more difficult. Me too.

More so, in the world of spiritual seeking or understanding, we might start to see ourselves as part of something bigger. A system, within which we are designed to thrive, where wisdom is always available and we can never be alone. And that's fine. But it's a stepping stone. That's why, from here, it's pretty normal to some days feel distant from wisdom, from thriving, from a universe that isn't looking after us. And we might turn in on ourselves, and think we're doing it wrong, or we might turn it out on others.

Consider, if you will, what it might mean to know we are never apart, nor need to be a part of something? Knowing that the reason circumstances can't hurt us is not because they don't exist, but because 'out there' is projected from 'in here'. That the past and the future are projected from 'right now'. And 'here, now' is a gateway to 'Here. Now'. Where we know we are never separate, even when it feels like we are.

I had cause yesterday to reflect on this yesterday with some friends. In the face of what might have been a challenging situation, there was a outpouring of love. Of unconditional love. And a deep sense of lacking nothing. From that sprung support, engagement, understanding, and more love. Except for onions in smoothies. We were pretty divided on that.

With Love,

: Sara

Sara is an Inside-Out coach, supporting you through the ebbs and flows of life.

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