On Love, Light and Shadows

Light and shadow, dramatic


As part of a recent conversation with a client, they said something like, "yeah, but I have real clients with real problems, and your airy-fairy love approach isn't going to work for them".

Two things struck me at once:

Firstly, this love is anything but airy-fairy. This love burns away every idea of who I am, every idea of who you are, every idea of what this world is. This love quietly washes away every concept of separation, of subject and object, of cause and effect. It washes us clean. This love leaves only pure awareness. A seeing of such blistering clarity that nothing can ever be the same again. Because there is no thing, and there is no again.

Secondly, this person in front of me, in that moment, did not know any of that. Did not know that they, and me, and the world existed only in the dance of this same love. Weaving shadows into stories that feel so solid. Did not know that trying to fix shadows, ignores the light that made them.

So, the question came, did I know? Did I know I was this soaring, cleansing, burning love? Did I know I was this perfect light, making shadows? Did I love the shadow for what it was? Could me, a shadow, speak to the light? In the story of the shadow, it is the scariest thing, to step into the light. Because in the light, the shadow cannot believe in itself any more. In the light, the shadow ceases to be.

The answer was "yes". No choice, but to see this light shine. It wasn't about me, or them, or their clients, or their problems. All of that was held in love. Nothing airy-fairy - a love so real it sees no suffering, lack or need. A love that speaks to perfection. And calls us to the home we never left.

With love, Sara

: Sara

Sara is an Inside-Out coach, supporting you through the ebbs and flows of life.

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