Coaching (3 Months)

Coaching (3 Months)

£1,800.00 £1,200.00

3 months of coaching, online, with the option of meeting in Central London.

3 months of coaching is exactly that. I’m available to answer questions or respond to things you’ve seen, pretty much all the time. In addition, scheduled coaching calls allow us to talk in more detail. I’m with you on this journey into who we truly are.

Sign up by 15th January, and you’ll receive free access to the “Hanging Out With Awareness” webinar series, my weekly “Establishing Ourselves Awareness” calls and a weekly video where I unpack my most recent article, responding to one or two key questions.

While places remain, you will also be able to sign up for the April Exploring True Nature retreat at half-price.

Please contact me to schedule your first call.

(Valid for three month from 15 January, or start immediately.)

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