Living Unconditionally

Living Unconditionally

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Living Unconditionally

15th January 2019, 18:30-20:30
The Warwick, 1-3 Warwick Street, W1B 5LR London

A talk hosted by Ali Scott, Vicky Kelly and Sara Priestley.

When you cut through the societally conditioned needs, and look past the shopping list of ‘wants’ we’ve been taught to spend our lives trying to measure up to – all that any of us ever truly desires is to be happy.

Trouble is, all this wanting and needing has us looking in the wrong places and missing out on the happiness that is available when we live unconditionally.

This seminar will be an exploration into an alternative. The idea of living unconditionally. What this means, and why it’s safe to do so.

If you’re tired of ‘trying’ all the time and chasing your tail, if you want to delve into a more peaceful approach to life, please come and join us.

This evening exploration doubles as a “dip your toe” for our Scotland Retreat – Exploring True Nature. Run by all 3 of your hosts, Ali Scott, Sara Priestley and Vicky Kelly. Tickets are £20 – but free if you are booked onto the retreat. If you attend and then sign up for the retreat, the cost of your “Living Unconditionally” ticket will be deducted from your retreat fees.

About your hosts

Ali Scott shares this understanding through her coaching, speaking and writing, often working with parents. She tenaciously points to true nature with a fierce love.

Vicky Kelly is often found working with the Business Community. She blends a clear understanding and love for truth with gentleness and good humour.

Sara Priestley teaches coaches and anyone looking to explore this understanding further. She has a poetic way with words, and always resolutely points back to who we are.

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1 review for Living Unconditionally

  1. 5 out of 5

    Andrew Areoff

    I obviously haven’t been to this event yet as I’m posting this beforehand. But just wanted to say that having been mentored and coached by one of your hosts, Vicky Kelly, in the past, that she is a true professional in the field of personal and career development. I’m a bit of town for this (but not that far, so I may book and turn up) but I can definitely recommend it if Vicky is speaking. Speak/see you at some stage Vicky.

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