Wooden boards, notepads, pen and coffee with a heart in the foam.

We have an understanding. End of. No why, no because, no reason, no application. Yet the human mind finds meaning in it. Natural, normal, necessary.

This understanding has no explicit implications for your relationships, work, health. All we're pointing to is who we are. And therefore who we are not. And we are not our relationships, work or health.

And we will live this understanding, single, dating, co-habiting, married, divorced, or "it's complicated". Working as a teacher of this, a coach, estate agent, sports person, humanitarian, soldier, musician, home maker, or none of the above. You might get fatter, thinner, fitter, slower, healthier or sicker.

This understanding points to the normality of all of it. Of feeling insecure, then knowing that insecurity is okay. Of feeling Love, and knowing Love is utterly ordinary. Of the perpetual dance between insecurity and Love. Of knowing relationships, work, health to be projections of Consciousness, and, gloriously, living them.

Know who you are. Then live it. Be you.

Love you.

: Sara

Sara is an Inside-Out coach, supporting you through the ebbs and flows of life.

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