Who Am I?

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This is not a gentle article. I'm going to suggest things you might think are a denial of a self you are secretly attached to. Bear with me, it takes us to a Self of pure Love.

"Outside of this thought, who am I?"

The first answer is "nothing", because I realise that my experience of who I think is me, is merely thought. There is no solid "thing" there. This body, and indeed the world are projected by thought, into experience. For some, that provides a temporary relief. But, thought is never static, and a temporary relief will shift to suffering or struggle, by its nature. Understanding how thought shows up is great, but without seeing its source, it can never be enough.

What is enough, more than enough, is the glimpse of the second answer, "everything". In the absence of thought there is only the experience of our true nature, one infinite Being. And this glimpse is something we've all experienced, many times, but maybe not recognised. It's not something that needs a quest or technique to find. In any moment without thought, we've met our true Self. Dissolved into it. Then opened our eyes and found a meaning in the world for that feeling.

The everything is Source. The source of all thought, and so of all experience of the world. Then, it makes no sense to look to the world for answers, when we can instead look to Source. And this is the gentlest thing, but it might not feel gentle. Because almost everything we've been conditioned to believe starts with the world, other people, our bodies. And these beliefs will, at times, look solid and real. The suggestion that they aren't is a challenge to the ego that thinks itself separate.

In separation, there is suffering. A world that can cause it, and a world where problems need to be solved. And to be told otherwise may feel like the ultimate in passivity. It's the opposite. Remembering we're not separate frees us to act, with nothing resting on it. Powerfully, purposefully, without apology. From Love and Awareness.

From Source, from our one infinite Being, there is no separation, only pure Awareness, pure Love.


: Sara

Sara is an Inside-Out coach, supporting you through the ebbs and flows of life.

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Mike Pendragon - 6 July, 2018

No separation. We are the Infinite Being infinitely being. No beginning or end. The ego succumbs to the idea that it is a separate “one trip pony”, and therefore focuses on survival, whilst the soul focuses on service and contribution. xx

    admin - 6 July, 2018

    Thank you, Mike.

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