Whose Thinking?

Clouds in the Sky

I've often heard it said, "I'm living in the feeling of my thinking moment to moment". I tried it myself for a couple of weeks, and it never sounded true. Here's why:

"My thinking" carries an suggestion of cause, ownership and responsibility. It implies effort, struggle and resistance.

It's not "my thinking". There is only thought, ephemeral, fleeting across the sky of consciousness, like clouds on a windy day.

The "self" that thinks - is itself thought. An expression of consciousness, ethereal, no more solid or permanent than a whispered word.

What is real and permanent is consciousness. Consciousness does not know cause or struggle, Consciousness does not know separation. Consciousness knows only love.

Love is what calls us home, every time. No, more than that, love is what reminds us we are always home. We are what we seek. We are love.

: Sara

Sara is an Inside-Out coach, supporting you through the ebbs and flows of life.

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